Great Charter for Milton Keynes commissioned

Date Posted:01/01/2017

Back in 2016, just ahead of the MK50 year, MK Council challenged local designers to create a new Great Charter for Milton Keynes. Drawing on the original designation document, signed in January 1967, we wanted to create a new modern version that better represented what Milton Keynes had become.

The winning designer was Mike Spike and the new charter, dubbed the ‘Magna Karta’ is shown on the right. 

Talking about his design, Mike said that he wanted to ‘reflect the fifty year journey of Milton Keynes from its inception to the present day’.

Milton Keynes Mayor, Cllr Keith McLean said: “This is an original, very fresh piece of artwork which certainly sums up how we see ourselves in Milton Keynes.

“It – quite literally – gives the global view of our city, which is well-known around the world.”

Mike has also created a Great Charter film: