Sharing Culture 2018

Sharing Culture MK is a collaborative events programme in celebration of our cultural heritage, new town stories and European connections.  The programme will run from June to October 2018 and there will be walks, talks, workshops, exhibitions, festivals and much more – engaging people in the Milton Keynes story.  

MK is home to some inspirational stories and Sharing Culture MK is all about telling these stories to the wider world…

Our designed New Town, created just 51 years ago, boasts a heritage that begins long before the first shovel was even put in the ground.  Pre-MK these small villages and areas of farm land were known for Captain Ridley’s Shooting Party, a group of people who moved into the Bletchley Park Mansion under the guise that they were a ‘Shooting Party’ but they were actually secret codebreakers working for MI6 and the Government; learn about Albert French, a teenage resident of Wolverton, who signed up to join the war effort in 1915 to “do his bit for King and Country”.  Hear about our world-renowned music, the hymn Amazing Grace was written by Rev John Newton and published in the book ‘Olney Hymns’ in 1779.  In MK’s more recent history, as the New Town was being planned much focus was put on making it a green, garden city and to safeguard our green spaces, in 1992 they were put in the care of The Parks Trust, an independent charity – a model now aspired to by other European planned towns. 

These are just a few of the stories we can tell.  In 2018, we urge you to be part of that story, by visiting these places, learning about the figures and spaces that make MK special, or experiencing a Sharing Culture MK event or activity.

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Bletchley Park
c. Bletchley Park

The European Commission defines cultural heritage as below:
Cultural heritage shapes our identities and everyday lives. It surrounds us in Europe's towns and cities, natural landscapes and archaeological sites. It is not only found in literature, art and objects, but also in the crafts we learn from our ancestors, the stories we tell to our children, the food we enjoy in company and the films we watch and recognise ourselves in.

We are inviting proposals from the cultural and community sector for projects and events that engage citizens and tourists in sharing the culture and uniqueness of this city.  For the full criteria, and details of how to submit projects and events please see the Get Involved page.


Sharing Culture 2018