Groundwork presents A to B in MK

Date: 17 Jul 2018 - 15 Sep 2018

A to B in MK is a participatory mapping project developed by artist and writer Hayley Newman with MK Community Collaborators that will be taking place on the Redways from 17th – 29th July, 2018.  A to B in MK will take the form of 8 collective walks, runs and cycles of sections of MK’s Redway in order to emotionally map parts of the system. Each journey on the Redway will take place under the umbrella of a different emotion. Joy, surprise, anticipation, sadness, annoyance or perhaps even boredom await travellers on foot and with bikes, dogs, prams, wheelchairs and walking sticks. The journeys will be plotted and the individual discussions and experiences of each excursion will be represented in 8 short fictions that will form part of a map-artwork.

Runners, wheelchair users, walkers, cyclists, mums with prams, birds, dogs and insects all experience the Redways differently. A to B in MK’s intimate exchanges will activate wider discussion about what it means to live on and around the Redways. What does it feel like to be in transit? What do the Redways mean for MK now and what might they mean in the future? How do our Redways get us from A to B? A to B in MK is part of Groundwork which will take place across Milton Keynes in July, August and September.

Route & Meeting Points: TBC

The project will take the form of 8 walks/cycle rides on the Milton Keynes Redways. The specific location of each journey is to be determined in collaboration with the participant group Hayley will map the Redways with. Hayley has, however, identified that at least one journey will happen in each quarter of the town, and one journey will take the form of a square circular walk around Central Milton Keynes. All other walks will radiate out from this point and be distributed across Milton Keynes.

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